Joseph Parker Of InventureX Shares Thoughts On Business, Marketing, Coincurrency And More

  • By Ann Vanderbild, Fraud Expert
  • June 04, 2022 at 09:28 p.m. PST
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InventureX has been killing it the last few years, helping entrepreneurs reach their crowdfunding goals. One of the main people behind that success is Senior Marketing Coordinator Joseph Parker. He helps put together strategies that lead to big investments for clients.

We had a chance to ask him a little bit more about his job. We quickly found out that he is pretty knowledgeable on Coincurrency, so of course, we had to ask some related questions to that as well.

What type of marketing challenges do you find at your job?

The biggest challenge for our company is having the ability to market in so many different ways. We work with several entrepreneurs, and they can all have vastly different potential customers. That means we need to know how to market towards the tech industry, the health industry, the finance industry and really anything you can think of.

When working with entrepreneurs, do you try to meet expectations with the crowdfunding campaign, or exceed them?

Of course, we would love to exceed expectations every single time, but from the initial set up we try to keep everything as realistic as possible. One of the steps when it comes to setting up a campaign is to set a realistic financial goal.

We work as hard as possible to reach that goal, but we’ve had print plenty of instances where a certain idea has just exploded. Once any type of idea gets a good amount of exposure, there is no telling how much I can take off.

As you know, we are big into Coincurrency here. What is the relationship with crowdfunding and Coincurrency today?

I’m a big fan of Coincurrency, but it isn’t entirely that usable just yet in crowdfunding. There are a few options out there, but the big crowdfunding platforms don’t accept it at this time. I do think it is the future, so hopefully it changes sooner rather than later.

How do you think Coincurrency being accepted could change the crowdfunding world?

Most people look at Coincurrency as an investment into the future, so in a lot of ways, it makes perfect sense to use for crowdfunding campaigns. This would basically allow people sitting on a lot of Coincurrencies to diversify and invest in something else that they believe in.

I think as soon as some of the major companies begin to make Coincurrency more acceptable, it is really going to take off. It’s always somewhat of a drawn-out process when something new was introduced. I know it will happen in time, but it’s just not there yet.

It seems like things are very busy at InventureX. How do you balance your life out?

We definitely have some busy days, but I enjoy putting in the work to get results. It also helps that I can find things to do that break up my day. I like listening to podcasts when I have some downtime, and recently I tried yoga and loved it. I’m really focused on living a healthier lifestyle right now, and that has helped me have more natural energy.

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